Sitemap - 2023 - Hope For Film

Swoosh! The Good Thing Just Slipped Through Our Fingers…

HT #13: Fly Into Life's Mystery

HT #12: So The World Does Not Usually Agree With Your Taste… Now What?

Where Is Inspiration Hiding Today?

Why Did The Old Indie Model Fail?

Deciphering The Secret Languages Surrounding Us

Where Did Authored Cinema Fail?

Is Happiness Even Possible In The Film Business?

Our Need For A Cadence Of Incremental Operational Improvements

5 Questions #1: Hal Hartley

How Many Movies Can One Person See In A Weekend?

Philanthropists Could Significantly Improve Our Film Ecosystem, Or...

Can I Name Your New Film Company For You?

Here's How We Save TheFKATheFilmBiz!

The Simple Fix That Could Change Everything

HT#11: Want To Know The Secret To Getting Your Movie Made?

MMMM: Roadblock!

Five Easy-To-Build Things That Would Improve Indie Film

MMMM: Now Where Were We?

The success-based bonuses of life (and other poetry)

It Is Time For An Artists’ Bill Of Rights

$#5 Film Financing: Determining Your Goals (And Theirs)

Life's A Rollercoaster Ride Of Delight, Fight, Flight & Fright, Right?

HT#10: Presenting And Pitching: The How And The When

Why Everything Is So Hard

America's Greatest New Film Festival!

How Labor WILL Win The Strikes

The AMPTC’s Action Against The Creative Class Exposes That Entire Film Ecosystem Is Now At Stake

They Won’t Get Fooled Again! Or Will They?

Something Is In The Air?

HT #9: The Necessary Steps To Getting Your Movie Made

Labor Day Links & Ponders

Let's Build A Film Ecosystem Prioritizing The Artist

Thinking Through The Walls

Invite your friends to read & fuel Hope For Film

Dangerous Ideas & Big Debates Are Needed To Improve & Protect Our Film Ecosystem

My Masterclass On Creative Process For Artists & Executives

Streaming’s False Hopes

The Future Of Film Festivals?

Where Do You Want To Draw The Line?

The Hierarchy Of Needs Of A Creative Person (or Film Professional)

Woohoo! Stepping Forward Without A Path

5 Wild Ideas To Support The Creative Community

The Coming Cinema Apocalypse (Is Here)

Contemplating Ends, New Beginnings, & The Same Old Same Old

The Tenets Towards A Non-Dependent Independent Film Ecosystem

HT#8: How To Fail Better (And Well)

What Does Indie Provide (vs The Mainstream)?

The Only Solution Is A New Ecosystem

To Link Roundup or Not Link Roundup

HT #7: See The Becoming: 20+ Ways To Improve Collaboration

$#4: Models For New Era Film Investment

$#3: Are We Shutting Out All The New Money That Wants To Enter The Film Space?

Can You Stackrank The HopeForFilm Tenets Please?

HT#6: How To Bounce Back From A Bad Experience

MMMM: They Are Looting The Store

HT#5: How To Get You & Your Film “Discovered”

MMMM: Time To Reprioritize Everything

What Happens Next?

The Good Thing Is Coming

There Is Water Under The Ocean & How's The Water Today Folks?

Producing in 30+ Aphorisms

The Best And The Brightest Consistently Make Bad Decisions

MMMM: The Pleasure That Is Also A Pain

The Solution Is To Share More: Links & Ponders May 26th

HT#4: How To Make Sure You Are Ready For The Coming Sh*tstorm

If You Don't LOVE Movies, Please Quit The Film Biz ASAP

Links And Ponders Tuesday 5/16

MMMM: Strategies For The Future?

The Many Catch-22s Filmmakers Must Escape From

HT#3 & FCM#1: How To Really Be “Talent Friendly”

The Need For A “Best Practices For Great Cinema” Annual Summit

Why We Need To Share “Best Practices For Great Cinema”

Things Grow, Things Fall Apart

MMMM: Please, Dream Utopian

Better Films Get Made By Good People, Pt 2 of 2

Seriously... Being A Good Person Will Help You Make Better Movies, Pt 1 of 2

Links & Ponders Tuesday April 25th

FAIR. SAFE. INNOVATIVE. FUN. And a whole lot more!

What VISION For An Entertainment Company Should Look Like

Tuesday Link Round-Up And Related Ponders

MMMM: 20+ More "Little" Things To Contemplate About The FKA The Film Biz

Can We Free Ourselves From The Tyranny Of Competition And Measurement?

The Fairytale That Was Bound To Be A Nightmare

Tuesday Links & Ponders 4/11/23

MMMM: What's The Best Road For A Fast Build?

20 Examples Of The FKATFB's Practice Of SOTADTO

SOTADTO: Saying One Thing And Doing The Other, Pt 1 of 2

Link Pondering (And A Free Screening Of A Film I Helped)

AMPAS Can Help Save Cinema Going, But…

Announcing… The Annual Future Of Film Summit!

Want To Sustain & Improve Indie Film? Give New Producers $$$$ NOW!

ICYMI: A Sprinkling Of Links (With A Dose Of Ponder)

Where Should A Lover of Cinema’s Focus Now Be?

The TPP Shell: Tenacity, Persistence, & Perseverance

30 "Lessons" For Starting Your Life In The Creative Industries

The Little Things That Would Make MY Life Better

$#2: How To Return Investment In First Features To Something Other Than Philanthropy, Pt 2 of 2

$#1: How To Return Investment In First Features To Something Other Than Philanthropy, Pt 1 of 2

MMMM: I Want, You Want, We All Want…. Something Better And Soon

The "Secret" First Truth Of The Film Business

We ReallyReallyReally NEED a Think Tank For Cinema, Story, & FilmBiz Innovation

“Now Is The Time To Dream Big”

Redesign It ALL To Incentivize The Good Stuff

We Need A Map Of The Film Ecosystem

Recommended Creative Practices for the Age of Abundance & Access, 2023 Edition.

Substack Could Be A GREAT Home For The Film Community, But…

MMM: The Beauty Of Aging, Recognizing, Sharing, & Celebrating

COMMITTED CINEMA: Time To Name A New Movement

Everything You Have Ever Loved

Fond Remembrances For Two True Lovers Of Cinema

Has The Film Industry Lost Respect For DEVELOPMENT?

MMM: On This Tuesday It Is Still Monday.

If Movie Stars Really Wanted To Save Cinema & The Theatrical Experience

What I Want To Learn For My Art

Thank YOU Raquel Welch, RIP

HT#2: How To Restore Trust & Confidence To FilmBiz Relationships

MMM: The Gulf Between Thought And Expression

The Oh So Many Ways We Can Elevate Movie Going &/Or The Experience

If We Demand Wondrous Cinema Palaces, Will They Build Them?

MMM: Let's First & Foremost Renew Our Commitment To The Beautiful Things


Hey LA! Free Screening! Of An Incredible Film!!

Coming Soon: An America Without Movie Theaters

Life/Work Hacks & Strategies For The Film Professional Or WannaBe

Recent Inspirations, Provocations, & Other Readings Of Interest

HT#1 & FF#1: How To Get Your Film Into The Festival Of Your Choice

Using Our Everyday Superpowers To Generate Great Movies

A Simple Fix For The American Indie Film Ecosystem: Sundance Film Sales

What Would An Alternative Submission Process For Film Festivals Look Like Anyways?

How Bad A Mistake Did The FilmBiz Make?

What Would A PERFECT Film Festival Look Like?

No One WANTS To Work Anywhere Now.

Cultural Production In The Age Of Abundance

What I Might Have Missed If I Had Gone To Sundance The First Time I Had A Chance

Did Our Industry Forget That Relationships Matter? Or Is It Even Bigger Than That?

Are Too Many Posts In Your Inbox A Bit Like Too Many Movies To Watch?

Monday Morning Musings: The Curse Of Being A Persistent Optimist... In The Film Biz

FIT#1: Excavating Or Ditch Digging? Searching For Truth In The Film Biz

A Recognition That Powers Us All Through The Struggle

DTB #1: What Does It Mean When THEY Say Their Goal Is Audience Acquisition?

The Challenges Of A Producers' Collective

Monday Morning Musings: The Brutal Beast That Is "Best Of" Lists

We Don't Really Need To Live In Our Own Individual TRUMAN SHOWS...

What I Mean By FKATFB And Why I Think We Should All Use It

DC#2: Where Oh Where Has My Sweet Cinema Gone? A Suggestion On How We Can Find Our Way Out Of This Present Pit Of Total & Utter Despair.

To Hell With Our Waves Of Plague

Monday Morning Musings: New Year's Contemplations

Tell Me How Best To Make HOPE FOR FILM Work For You Please